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The Effects of Vitamin A: 4 Incredible Benefits for Your Health

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Every vitamin is important for the body! That is why we are dedicating a section to vitamin A, a fat-soluble nutrient that helps us form and keep many organs and systems healthy. Traditionally associated with carrots and visual acuity, this vitamin goes far beyond maintaining healthy eyes. This is because it participates in the creation, […]

How to Stop Diarrhoea

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 The urge to go to the toilet, stomach pain, and the flatulence that often accompanies diarrhoea are uncomfortable symptoms that can be associated with intestinal infections, food intolerances, or even certain illnesses. This condition can ruin an afternoon with your friends, a business meeting, or even a romantic date. Who wouldn’t want a solution to […]

The Properties of Zinc: What Are Its Benefits?

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Did you know that zinc deficiency was not recognised as a health problem until 1961? Yes, that’s a very short time ago! Since then, researchers have discovered countless properties of zinc, such as its key role in the immune system and its benefits for healthy skin. In fact, people with malnutrition, alcoholism, inflammatory bowel disease, […]

Iron in Fruits: The 5 Fruits Richest in Iron

iron rich fruits

While red meat, viscera, and lentils contain significant amounts of iron, you can also find it in fruits such as oranges or pomegranates. This vital micronutrient for our body is the main component of haemoglobin, the protein responsible for delivering oxygen to our tissues. Our body stores little iron, and a prolonged deficit can lead […]

What is Iron?

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Did you know that iron is a relatively abundant element in the universe? What you probably didn’t realise is that it is also present in the sun and many types of stars . It’s amazing, isn’t it? Today, however, we won’t be discussing interstellar space, but about the iron that we regularly ingest in our […]

What Are Probiotics?

Did you know your digestive system is inhabited by bacteria which boost your health? That might sound counterintuitive, but more and more is being learned about their importance and how to use “probiotics” which support their growth. Probiotics are “live” medications or foods. In other words, they contain microorganisms which reach your intestines and support […]